Why Use Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Breed?

The key attributes of the breed are:

  • bulletProlificacy
  • bulletExcellent maternal characteristics
  • bulletFast growth
  • bulletEasy keeping nature
  • bulletQuality meat
  • bulletResistance to fly attack
  • bulletResistance to foot infections and unsoundness

Taken together, these atributes make the Breed ideal for both the smallholder and the commercial producer.

Prolificacy and lambing

The ewes lamb confidently in the open and mortality rates are usually very low under normal management. Lambing usually takes place from February to March, with lambing percentages in the order of 175% per ewe throughout registered flocks with individual flocks recording percentages well over 200%.

The ewes have natural maternal qualities and milky, dedicated mothers. The new-born lambs are fast to their feet, quick to suckle and grow rapidly. Few breeds are more trouble-free at lambing time.


Hardiness and self-reliance are two outstanding features of the Breed. Many Black Welsh Mountain hill flocks taste no other food than short, upland grass yet they adapt well to improved, lowland management and feeding.

As profitable scavengers of rough, unploughable land and for parkland herbage control they stand second to none.

On lowland management they tend to attain a greater size of frame by generation and give heavier wool clips.