Royal Welsh Show 2023

Posted: 27th July 2023

There was a fantastic turnout of BWM sheep at the Royal Welsh Show - high quality stock in abundance and some very large classes to be got through. Judge, Mr Macolm McCaull rose to the challenge and spent nearly 5 hours sorting them out. 

More pictures to follow next week but in the meantime, full results below.

Above: Breed Champion and winning Aged Ram Garnview tup exhibited by Edd Williams.

Aged Ram

1- Edd Williams, 2Morgan Family, 3 Chris Garn, 4 Steve Forsyth, 5 Mark Evans, 6 D & R Rowlands

Shearling Ram

Winning Shearling Ram and reserve Male Champion exhibited by Glenda Hughes

1 Glenda Hughes, 2 Edd WIlliams, 3 Ffion Evans, 4 C & G Williams, 5 Gwawr Williams, 6 John Griffiths

Ram Lamb

First placed ram lamb bred and exhibited by the Llanover Estate

1 Llanover Estate, 2 D & R Rowlands, Will & Sam Workman, John Griffiths, 5 Steve Forsyth, 6 John Green

Breeding Ewe

First placed Breeding ewe exhibited by Ffion Evans

1 Ffion Evans, 2 Iestyn Hayward, 3 M & D Evans, 4 Chris Garn, 5 K & H WIlliams, 6 Ryan Wilson

Shearling Ewe

First placed shearling ewe, female champion and reserve breed champion, from Glenda Hughes Ffridd flock.

1 Glenda Hughes, 2 Chris Garn, 3 Gwawr Williams, 4 Bethan Davies, 5 Alun Davies, 6 M & D Evans

Ewe Lamb

Winning ewe lamb from the Llanover Estate

1 Llanover Estate, 2 D & R Rowlands, 3 Glenda Hughes, 4 John Griffiths, 5 M & D Evans 6 Edd Williams

Group of Three

Winning Group of Three from the Ffridd Flock.

1 Glenda Hughes, 2 Chris Garn

Female Champion Glenda Hughes   Reserve Chris Garn

Male Champion Edd WIlliams      Reserve Glenda Hughes

Breed Champion Edd Williams    Reserve Glenda Hughes

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