BWMSBA & Coronavirus

Posted: 19th March 2020

Given the current situation we find ourselves in with Coronavirus, there is considerable doubt as to whether or not forthcoming AGM will be able to take place. A decision will be made next week.


With regard to the planned Centenary celebrations, no decision has yet been made about any of any of the planned events. Decisions will be made as the situation develops.


With several major shows already cancelled or postponed, it may not be possible to run the Flock of the Year or Ram of the Year competitions.


Several Shows and events have already changed their plans for 2020. Please see the list below but bear in mind that it might not be complete - the situation is changing rapidly.


Royal Bath and West - rescheduled to 31 July - 2nd August,

Aberystwyth Show - Cancelled

RWAS Spring Festival - Cancelled

Royal Three Counties - Cancelled

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