Centenary Show - Draft Schedule

Posted: 27th August 2019

A draft schedule is available for the Centenary Show next year. It's not a final list and is still work in progress. 

If you want to come to the show and haven't got anything in your flock that you think will fit the bill, how about a trip to the Annual Sale on 30th August to buy something?

Open Classes - comprising Senior Ram, Shearling Ram, Ram Lamb, Breeding Ewe, Shearling Ewe and Ewe Lamb, Pair of Shearling Ewes, Pair of Ewe Lambs, Group of Three.

Restricted classes - comprising Ram, Ram Lamb, Ewe, Ewe Lamb

Crossbred Section where the dam is a Black Welsh Mountain - comprising, Pair of Mule Yearling Ewes, Pair of Mule Ewe Lambs, Native Sired pair of yearling ewes, native sired pair of ewe lambs, Continental Sired pair of yearling ewes, continental sired pair of ewe lambs, Pair of native sired butchers lambs, pair of continental sired  butchers lambs. 

In addition, there will be a breeder's section, where sheep will be judged in the pens, a young handler's secion and fleece competitions. 

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