Dog Attack Devastates Young Member's Flock

Posted: 19th April 2018

Earlier this month, Ffion Hughes, Morlais Flock) was out in the fields checking the last few ewes in her flock to lamb, and ensuring the new born lambs were ok, when she witnessed a lurcher dog chasing her flock. The owner was found and the dog put back on a lead, but not before seven animals had either been killed or suffered fatal injuries.

The dog had strayed off a local footpath and despite being presented with the evidence, the dead and  injured animals, the owner denied that his dog could have attacked the sheep. The police were contacted and they are now dealing with the complaint as the dog's owner refuses to accept responsibility. In the heat of the moment, no-one thought to video the attack and shooting the dog was not possible so unless the police are able to sort this out, the dog may well attack sheep again.

Ffion is devastated by the incident  - her flock is small and this represents a substantial portion of her sheep. Animals lost include some well bred, bought in ewes and a ram, devastating her breeding lines. The hard work that she has put in to developing her flock has been destroyed by the mindless actions of an irresponsible dog owner.

On a more positive note, Ffion has received considerable support and encouragement from a number of BWMSBA members, including members, M & D Evans, Will Workman and Darren & Sian Hayward, who have offered to donate ewe  or ewe lamb to help Ffion rebuild her

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